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September 22nd issue, p. 128-129.


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Our Story

Petite Suites specializes in
children’s room décor.
We create personalized canvas
paintings, wall murals and
decorative painting to
coordinate with your child’s
playroom or bedroom.

The Artist

Tracy New Pict
Tracy Garcia, mother of two
and owner of Petite Suites has
developed a beautiful line of
decorative paintings and
murals for children.
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Petite Suites artist Tracy Garcia custom painted the walls a pretty pink and a mural over the crib which creates a focal point to the wall. The tree itself is accented with rhinestones spelling out mom and dad's initials inside a heart.

For the wall over the changing table, Petite Suites created another custom mural.

Samantha says, "It's fun to have a crown for my little princess.
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